Who we are


Born in 2008, MotionTechnology is the result of the union of experts in industrial material-handling and robotics with over twenty-year experience. Motion Technology therefore guarantees reliability, competence and safety.

Among the first in Italy to provide this kind of products, we are best placed to respond to the increasing demand of domestic and international spare parts for the industrial material-handling and robotics sector, concentrating our forces and expertise in finding solution of downtime caused by the failure of a mechanical component and/ or electronics. To date Motion Technology is among the leading providers in value-added in the sector.

With over 20 years of experience in industrial material-handling and robotics, our experts are specialised in the research and replacement of spare parts for automated machines and robotics.

Our core activity consists in tracking down and providing, through a longstanding network of trusted leading manufacturers, component parts, and to provide solutions to the problem of production downtime.

The competence and skills of our team of experts provides professional, timely, and clear solutions satisfying different needs quickly and effectively, through customized solutions designed to suit individual needs.