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    SERVOSTAR® 300 (S300) servo amplifiers, also known as Servo Star drives, can control rotary synchron servomotors, induction machines, HF motors, DC motors as well as rotary and linear direct drive motors. The S300 offers a function for suppressing cogging torque within defined stroke capabilities. This function has been specifically designed for applications with the toughest synchronism requirements. Even linear motors can be operated at extremely low speeds with a high degree of synchronous accuracy. For all application options, the setup software provides comprehensive resources and approaches.
    The main production company is obviously Kollmorgen, which produces the variant Kollmorgen s300 two-phase stepper motors, 1.8 °. Carcass size: 3.4 cm, 87 mm (CTM series at peak torque and increased efficiency, CTP series high performance of the torque).

    Spare parts- ServoStar/ Servo Star

    If you are looking for spare parts of the Servostar range, you are in the right place! Motion Technology has years of experience in tracking-down and supply of spare parts to meet any operational need. Operating from Milan, Motion Technology is a winner amongst its competitors as it is able to supply promptly and its operational team counts on decades’ long experience in the sector.
    Motion Technology is able to indicate the best choice of equipment to resolve the problem of downtime.

    How does it work? It is very simple! All you need to do is to send us the picture or the details of the part(s) to be replaced and one of our experts will call you promptly.

    Servostar- Kollmorgen s300

    For any requirement, MotionTechnology will be able to help you find a quick solution. Products supplied include the whole range of convertors and servo drives: Kollmorgen s300, ServoSTAR 300, ServoSTAR 700 I, ServoSTAR 700 II, Servo Star CD, Servo Star 400 Master, Servo STAR 400 Slave, Servo Star 600

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    All you need to do is to send us the picture or the details of the damaged servo to be replaced and we will be able to help you very quickly.

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