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Brushless motor with integrated drive. StepIM

Stepper motor with integrated drive

Torque from 1.2 Nm to 5.4 Nm (boost acceleration / deceleration 40%) 12-bit absolute single-turn encoder

Torque, velocity, position control 4 digital inputs; 2 digital outputs; 1 analog input

CANopen communication bus / RS485

Cable connections (through cable gland) or through connectors.

INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE/ PRICE ratio. Download the Product Summary

Stepper Motor with integrated electronics

With a superior closed loop vector control and a convenient design, integrated stepper motors provide an efficient and economical solution for all applications requiring the execution of a servomotor which blends stepper and servo motor benefits. Closed circuit commutation ensures a highly dynamic performance. StepIM significantly improves stepper motor performance in comparison to the conventional open loop vector control. The commutation occurs absolute singleturn encoder, which ensures an optimal use of the torque at any speed.


A high-resolution magnetic encoder increases the efficiency of the system. With a 12-bit absolute encoder and a refresh rate of 16 kHz, the stepIM precisely controls the magnetic flux generated on the basis of the actual load. This guarantees precise positioning and maximum efficiency of the machine. Fill in the contact form*hyperlink. One of our experts will be in touch. Fill in the form to contact us!

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