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    Some information

    Danaher Motion’s wide range of motion control systems and components offer customers an unprecedented choice in selecting the right solution to match their particular application requirements. Our product innovations have been improving the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing operations for over 60 years through trusted brand names such as Dover, Kollmorgen, Pacific Scientific, Portescap and Thomson in industries as diverse as semiconductor, aerospace and defense, mobile-off-highway, packaging, medical and robotics. In addition, Danaher Motion, through Motion Engineering (MEI), offers powerful integrated motion control solutions with its industryleading, multi-axis motion platforms and SynqNet“ communications network for ultra-reliable machine performance. From software and controller, through the communications network to drives and I/O devices, to mechanical and electro-mechanical products, Danaher Motion differentiates itself in the marketplace by designing standard and custom solutions to satisfy the most demanding application requirements. Our growing family of leading motion control products and application expertise tells only half the story. With a worldwide service and support infrastructure, our field service engineers and support teams are available to assist whenever they are needed. It is part of Danaher Corporation’s unrelenting focus on its customer. That’s why more and more design engineers are turning to Danaher Motion to meet their motion control requirements.

    About canopen

    All S300 & S600 servo drives support the CANopen protocol for communications as a standard feature, no option card or additional software is needed. A CANopen host (master) can communicate to one drive or as many 127 at rates up to 1Mbit/s with very low latency. CANopen is an open standard industrial networking protocol which includes motion control, I/O modules and many other devices.

    SERVOSTAR® S600 Graphical Motion Tasking

    Graphical Motion Tasking (GMT) is an advanced feature that lets you program the SERVOSTAR® S600 as a single-axis positioner. You can command multiple motions, process I/O, make decisions, add time delays, and modify drive process variables. The environment is easy to use, allowing you to program in an intuitive flow-chart. Motion tasking has been supported by the S600 since the product’s introduction in 1998. In its original form, Motion Tasking supported only chained moves in sequences executed either once or in infinite loops. Graphical Motion Tasking extends the capabilities of Motion Tasking by adding looping, comparing (<, =, >, etc.), calling functions, and setting process variables.

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